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Weeding Ring

Emotional foundation is an important factor in maintaining marriage. Courtship is not just a ritual, it is set between lovers love commitment, it is possible for a firm belief in love with each other, and lay a more solid foundation for the future of marriage. For this reason, to marry him more carefully, one could love to do to prepare, Darry Ring (DR ring) is, therefore born. Couple marry ring is called the first brand Darry Ring, the date of birth of the brand, the world's first real-name system customization. Darry Ring diamond ring each required real names, meaning "life • unique • True Love", which is a perfect interpretation of the ultimate loyalty of love.

It is reported that the real-name custom DR ring means before buying rings, men need to produce their identity cards in order to verify the success of the customized diamond ring, diamond ring this customized approach is attractive to young people. The reason why such a unique way to customize the ring, because DR think everyone true love only once, so before buying a diamond ring symbolizes love, needs careful thought, for the love of a lifetime on a promise. Each one is a love story DR ring, each ring is a DR witness of love, even if the men a promise of love, but also a love of men's actions. To a deeper meaning, that is sent once a lifetime go hand in hand.