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Wearing A Rhinestone Bracelet Meaning

108 – Qiu Zheng baibasan, cut off 108 worries. Worry about 108 species of general term is six (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind) are bitter, music, Sutezo, 18. The good, the evil, three of the six species, 18 species, a total of 36, then past, present, future III to worry about 108.

54-54-bodhisattva practice rank, that is ten letters, housing, ten, ten, ten, four good roots.

42 – 42 of Bodhisattva practice process order, that is, ten, ten, ten, ten, such as sleep and better sleep.

36--with 108 caps the same meaning. For ease of carry 108 is divided into three parts.

27 – small by practicing four to four fruits 27 hen, four to three fruits of 18 arhats fourth fruit of nine No.

21-say ten or ten Paramitas, enlightenment and other 21 bits.

18--characterization of 18 (six, six senses and six General), fan was 18, and when Wu turned 18.

14 of 14 – goddess of fearless.