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UNOde50 Tell You How Small Jewelry Brand To The International Market

The global apparel industry has become a real international industry after more than 30 years of development. It can not only see the international brands compete for the domestic market, but also can see the international expansion of local brands. In contrast, the internationalization of the jewelry industry is slower pace.  

         According to a report released by McKinsey in 2014, the global top 10 jewelry brand only accounted for the international market share of 12%, the remaining part by many local brands to carve, such as Germany's Christ, Chinese Zhou Dafu. If you want to develop this part of the market, local brands need to consider at least three types of consumers, this includes to senior jewelry display status "hot", the famous brand is more trusted consumers in emerging markets, and hope to express themselves with the brand of young customers.           The last century was founded in 90s in Madrid handmade jewelry brand UNOde50, is finally spotted this kind of people.        

      UNOde50 official website screenshot  This brand just started just a few designers in the Barquillo Street opened a shop, after the 1999 was born in the local people Jos e Azulay acquisition of the family business. Now, it has 103 stores in the world, the annual output of 1 million, the export rate of 50%. From 2011 to 2015, its net sales rose from $25 million 700 thousand to $58 million, an increase of 125%; of which the U.S. market accounted for 40% of revenue.         

      Unlike in 80s from the Danish started UNOde50, Pandora from the material can only be classified in fashion jewelry (Jewelry fashion). Most of its products are metal alloy, silver plated after the addition of leather, SWAROVSKI crystal, resin or pearls and other materials as decoration, priced at between 300 and 70 euros.       


        Unique is its process and Design: all products are handmade in Madrid, through the regulation of silver, copper, tin lead alloy ratio to shape the unique texture of the jewelry surface. Design style from 1998 onwards on the positioning of neutral, style looks simple and somewhat rebellious, and in 2000, the addition of a relatively rare male product line.        

         In addition, the limited sales strategy, but also to all the single product appears to be rare. The meaning of UNOde50 is "of one 50" (50 points), refers to each of the single product supply only 50. Even though his expansion of the scale of production has increased, a series of two each year there are still 4 to 6 is a limited edition, assigned to specific stores each store only one or two pieces, "robbed soon gone, some people specialize in these styles".        

      CEO Jos Azulay described as "a unique brand of consumer habits, uninhibited, follow their own pace of work, although very fashionable but not conformity, not love to dress myself into the most popular."           Although he denied in Star Marketing or advertising has a lot of investment, but in the formal or informal occasions photographed the number of stars wear UNOde50 a lot, but also to individual outfit known as Jamie Chung, Sarah Jessica Parker, Malin Kerman, Louise Roe, Alexa? Chung and Olivia Culpo etc..           The official website of the main street beat Tutu Bo   


     UNOde50 opened in 2008 Facebook, Twitter account and the official website of the electricity business, but also the same year to enter the international market, opened in Miami and Paris, respectively. However, both at home and abroad, its online channels are mainly used to collect user data, revenue accounted for only 4% of the overall. Marketing investment more for the line store image of the building. Jos Azulay so the 180 thousand social accounts fans called "brand lovers of genuine goods at a fair price".         

         We never spend too much money on advertising. People who buy a product will feel happy, then joy to share with friends. This is the best public relations."           Since 2008, it has expanded at 10 stores annually in North America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia (Philippines and Japan). The United States and Europe is one of the key, because there is a gathering of the world's most tourists, the most beneficial to the brand public relations". Cooperative agents are more choice for high-end multi brand retailers or store in the shop, such as the United States Bloomingdales or Germany's Karstadt.        

           The design style of these shops are trying to break the traditional jewelry point impression, emphasize the sense of art, the coffee color, red and black color, a symbol of the "true lock the" lock Logo placed at the door, like hanging around like jewelry exhibition. It was just out of the flagship store in Barcelona in March this year, was chosen as the landmark of the city, famous architect Gaudi before the final design of a private residence "house of Mira" (Casa, Mil).