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This Beautiful Bio-Tracker Promises To Help Women Manage Stress

The women's wearables market is heating up, with plenty of fitness trackers and smart jewelry to choose from—but somehow it's still hard to find devices that are beautiful, functional, and also reasonably priced.

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban, which launches today, hits all three marks. It's a pebble-like device with a leaf pattern on it (think Elven elegance) and can be worn as a bracelet, a necklace, or a clip. It's designed to mask the technology inside, so it looks like a piece of jewelry you might wear to the office, dinner, or on the weekend.

"We think that women have been overlooked as users of technology in both functionality and design," says Slovenian artist Urska Srsen, who founded Bellabeat with her Croatian business partner, Sandro Mur, in 2014. "Designers were often just making women's devices pink, which is, of course, not really designing for women. We wanted to tailor the device in shape, size, and in terms of how women actually wear accessories."

Srsen explains that every aspect of the device is designed to help women take action as early as possible when it comes to their health. And the company's definition of health is more expansive than other wearable devices on the market: It's not just about mental health, but also about mindfulness and emotional well-being.