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Stephen Fung Shu Qi Wedding Ring Into A Bright Spot

Wedding ring as early as thousands of years ago was Gouy people use, 

represents the eternal symbol of love bride and groom. Today we take a 

look at what wedding ring for most star couple's favorite.

Recently, new Yuan Hong, Zhang Xin Yi held a fairytale wedding in Germany 

Hohenzollern Castle. Numerous circle of friends to witness this moment 

of happiness, where Hu Ge, Eddie Peng, Ma Tianyu, Liu Hao Ran served 

as best man, Lvxia, Tan Weiwei, Lou Yi Xiao, Wang Shan Ho served 

as maid of honor.

For this romantic wedding, the two specially selected in Stuttgart, 

Germany Hohenzollern Castle, called one of the world's top ten castle. 

When the two new carriage ride to reach the castle, like most of the fairy 

tale prince and princess. Yuan Hong groom dressed in a black tuxedo, 

refined gentleman; Zhang Xin Yi places bride dressed in white wedding 

dress custom Lawrence Xu Yan stunned everyone.