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Qin Kai Site Propose Any Position To Any Position To Wear The Ring Moved To Tears

Qin Kai site propose any position, what position moved to tears to wear the ring. 

15 am Beijing time, at the Rio Olympic women's three-meter final single, He Zi won the silver medal.

Live TV screen, after the award ceremony, as the background to the diving pool, 

diving athlete Chinese men came Qin Kai, got on one knee to propose any position, 

any position moved to tears, nodded and wear rings. Athletes in other countries have stepped 

forward to any position to express congratulations.

In the just-concluded Rio Olympic women's 3-meter diving competition final,

 and what position ShiTingMao two Chinese players to attack the gold medal final rival any position,

 two consecutive Olympic runner-up on this project

But in the subsequent awards ceremony appeared very touching scene, 

and what position fell in love six men diving champion Qin Kai suddenly appeared,

 holding a gift, on one knee, holding a ring has been prepared to any position propose!

He Zi was in tears, she accepted a marriage proposal Qin Kai,

 who put huge ring on her hand. The audience and the opponents of 

this blessed lover responded with cheers.