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Liu Shishi With Wu At The Wedding In Bali

In March, Liu shishi with Wu at the wedding in Bali. To Shi, a dream wedding, Nicky have a custom 500 000 flowers as wedding decorations, wedding ring naturally Needless to say, especially in DE BEERS customized a DIF flawless as the main stage 5 kt diamond "INFINITY HEART Wing tie the knot "diamond ring, in addition, two of the ring is DE BEERS His & Hers One DiamondBand the ring engraved with the two sets of figures, respectively, 576 and 644, it is the name of Wu Qilong and Liu Shi homonym. Stars love outsiders often spectacular, but all have their own little story and understand with little moved. Siye pet wife always impress, this delicate little mind than spending billions of dollars on the wedding more touching.