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Jewelry Designer Noelle Kostraba Launches Her New Celebration Collection Of Alluring Backdrop Necklaces

 For the woman with exquisite taste and an eye for fashion, a Backdrop Necklace from Noelle Kostraba Collections will be an elegant compliment to your low back gown for this season's holiday parties.

The seemingly never ending trend of low back bridal gowns inspired Noelle to create a jewelry piece to feature the backs of gowns. While participating in a bridal show, she noticed that most of today's gowns have very low backs and how bare the backs of the models looked. “Those open back gowns just needed something...” she thought and designed a jewelry piece that attaches to the back of a necklace to add even more sensuality to low back gowns.

A bridal jewelry designer since 2008, Noelle was elated when four of her designs made it to the finals in the 2009 Fire Mountain Gems Worldwide Jewelry Design Contest. In 2011, she branched off to specialize in backdrop necklaces, a jewelry niche that much of the main bridal jewelry industry had not seen. Since then, her more glamorous designs have been worn to the Oscars, Miss America Pageants and have adorned the backs of countless brides around the world.

Jewelry is the finishing touch that completes a look. The popularity of backless bridal and formal gowns that designers and women everywhere are favoring, present new opportunities for women to really express their unique sense of style with backdrop jewelry that is both elegant and modern. Noelle says, “Your exit should be as memorable as your entrance.”

Noelle Kostraba is ready to launch her most lavish collection yet. The Celebration Collection arrives just in time for your black tie holiday parties. It consists of her signature best-selling backdrop designs taken to the next level. Her clientele has asked her for more dramatic pieces to be worn for special evenings out. Noelle designed The Celebration Collection with that in mind and more of everything.

Larger Swarovski crystals and pearls are wire wrapped within the chains, longer, 2 strand backdrops, 2 strand earrings and matching bracelets. Every piece is handmade by Noelle with exceptional quality materials such as Swarovski and Czech crystals and Swarovski pearls. Only solid sterling silver and gold-filled metals meet Noelle's design standards.

About Noelle Kostraba's Backdrop Necklace Collections

Noelle first started creating bridal jewelry for her own wedding. A nail tech for over 25 years, Noelle knew she had the same skill set to hand craft jewelry for a living. She was working on her own beaded piece between nail clients and they took notice. Clients started commissioning her to design pieces for their weddings. When her wedding photographer first saw Noelle at her own wedding, she first commented on her necklace, not her gown, which made her think, “I might be onto something here, don't most people comment on the gown first?”

Noelle has had a love for design and jewelry since she was very young. Her Grandmother, a wonderful seamstress, had a friend that owned a bead shop. The first time she visited the shop, when she was about 6 years old, she was mesmerized by all the sparkly crystals and pearls. Her Grandmother bought her a child size handful of beads, taught her how to thread a needle and they spent the rest of the day making jewelry together.