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Hairpin In Combining

When you want to curl, numbered eight braids before going to bed at night, and released the next day, with a large-tooth comb to tidy, but add two beautiful and colorful hair clips, into trendy girl.

Head after a pinch of pinch the hair with a fine-tooth comb from the top down scraping loose, water spray setting on the first, and then using a fine-tooth comb light comb from roots to the ends, keeping head and fluffy, bang 7:3, drill Chuck wide forehead, hair buckles Sheung Shui, immediately turn into a vintage age.

Hair 9:1, from close to the left and below the ear, starting with into loose braids, less hair clip on the ear side clamp, mirror, a stylish braid younger ones out.

Hair 7:3 with a fine-tooth comb and put some hair cuticle (or hair), hair flat with a fine-tooth into the ear, down at the 7 side bangs hair curve slanting large hair clips on the clip, you are charming and bright eyed beauty.

Want to dress up a beautiful temperament is also very simple to live on fruits, hair, wash and hair cuticle (or hair), hair combed straight comb with a fine-tooth comb, respectively at constant distance on both sides of the forehead hair clip on the trendy hair clips, simple type.

7:3 hair and deliberately leave 7 hair, a little lower front side of the hair, being careful to make it look more casually, others caught in a bunch of and reverse the first part, to clip hair clips for fixed above the ear, creating young, people will think you're daughter smile of God came to Earth in the spring.