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Crystal Bracelet Size Wear

When purchasing Crystal bracelets, color, Crystal, transparency is a primary factor to be considered, but also because of accurate measuring you for wearing bracelets and wrist size, measuring is not difficult, as long as there is pay attention to two things:

1. buy Crystal bracelet is acclimatising, so as long as the bracelet can put on it. As long as Crystal bracelet into 4 long fingers (finger outside of the thumb) to Tiger's place, feeling a little tighter, then remove Crystal bracelet, measuring Crystal bracelets, and measure the inner diameter is, how long your suits to wear rhinestone bracelet. If you like it send some rhinestone bracelet, you can select the 1-2mm larger than the measurements around; if the measured size to wear slightly entailing much effort, you can apply some detergent or SOAP water on the wrist, but remember, wearing after the detergent or soapy water must be clean, or it will cause some corrosion on Crystal bracelet.

2. I do not present cases, this is usually the case for someone to purchase or buy online, so we'd better know I needed Crystal bracelet size size size, the width of four fingers, and wrist, and so on, and they will ask the seller, and seller communication, it is the wrong size can change.