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Buy Crystal Bracelet Tips

Crystal a wide variety, ranging from quality and buy Crystal bracelet is a detailed and complex work, should have a certain degree of expertise also has a wealth of practical experience, or not Burn one's fingers, causing waste or financial loss. Buy Crystal bracelet, is four tricks can refer to.

First of all, the crack that Crystal watch bracelet (refers to the secondary fault lines, often for distribution), to the front of each bracelet, reverse, inside and outside, a comprehensive observation, especially bracelets have no cracks or damage, since serious cracks is the Achilles ' heel of Crystal bracelets.

Secondly, with a keen eye to find bracelets of defects (including color spots may appear on the bracelet, white cotton and raw, not break lines) and pay attention to bracelets shape is round, diameter the thickness is uniform, polished cross.

Third, note the bracelet size and diameter thickness you need, mainly with the purchaser's size and age, but have little contact with personal preferences.

Finally, good Crystal bracelets Crystal should have a sense of beauty, the best crystal transparent and pure, beautiful even if inclusions; on the strong bright colors is a plus.

In General, buy Crystal bracelet should remember four formulas: check crack preventing deadly defects less cut size does not match the transaction, there is mass Nonferrous boutique.

Another woman when buy Crystal bracelet, bracelet size depends on the size, women, fat, thin, soft and hard. Connoisseurs know just pinch the Palm, size bracelet. General lack of experience, may wish to take the test approach. Test set is not the whole hand is set in, but the thumb out, with four tries, such as through the Palms reach Tiger, feeling not very slightly tight, then, this crystal bracelet worn practically to go in, is more suitable. Bracelet wore wrist hanging on the hand, large size notes, should be re-elected one. Bracelet size not only a sense of tired like big, uncomfortable and interfere with work, and will often touch to touch to easily crash bracelets. Therefore, choosing the right size bracelet is very important.