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Bridal Jewelry Collection By Audrius Krulis Is Redefining Wedding Couture

Inspired by nature, and using a well-developed understanding of shape, color and texture, Audrius Krulis has designed stunning wedding ring sets for the bride looking for meaningful, beautiful frost on her fingers. Every piece is handcrafted in 18K gold and designed organically around the center stone, whether a traditional diamond or a colorful gem is set.

Mixing old with new, handcrafted forms incorporate a variety of techniques, such as the artist’s proprietary needle hammering, forging, and oxidation adding a sensory depth of textures. Asymmetry and surprise are keystones of the collection, with hidden diamonds, drops of gold, and undulating shapes in unexpected places. White and black diamonds are interspersed with tourmaline, aquamarine, and peridot, lending to a prism of color. For the bride who sets her own style rules, a couture ring by Audrius Krulis is a showstopper.

Krulis says of the collection, “Each wedding ring should be unique, just as each person’s path through marriage. Some paths cross mountain peaks and valleys, others through happy bubbling brooks. Either way, there is always something new to discover and to love. The path is full of movement. It isn’t polished smooth or simple, but it is beautiful. I want the wearer to be reminded of this meaningful beauty whenever she looks down at her ring. It should reflect the path life takes her and her partner.”

With over a dozen styles, Audrius has mastered the art of giving each wedding ring set its own personality and voice, while maintaining the integrity and beauty of his signature look. Known for having a keen eye for detail, Krulis designs all of his jewelry collections from the statement ring out, using that as the template for inspiration. In bridal couture, every ring makes a statement, and is created with the wearer’s personification in mind.