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Beauty Expert: New Sparkling Hair Accessories

You may have caught the news this week that Duchess Kate of Cambridge donned her late mother-in-law’s diamond and pearl “lover’s knot” tiara for the first time.  Although not known to be Princess Diana’s favorite tiara, Kate was right on trend. Sparkling jewels are the latest iteration of hair accessories this holiday season. 

The last time we saw pretty barrettes was during the grunge phase of the late ‘90’s. But then, they were the only nod to femininity in an otherwise mucky fashion season. This time around, little shiny nothings enhance what is already there: gorgeous and flirty party styles that still beg for a little  head bling. Here’s what to look for:

Crystal Power

Almost all the latest hair adornments are crystallized. Barrettes, clips, and headbands have fetching colored stones to match holiday tops and dresses. Find rhinestone pieces in unexpectedly bright colors such as emerald green or gold to go with festive holiday attire.

Hairpin Turn

If wearing your hair up is your favorite evening look, stick in a few brilliant hairpins for refined elegance. Or choose bobby pins with flashing faux diamonds that are strong enough to hold your chignon in place. 


Modern headbands are charmingly embellished with petite crystals and beads. Soft and stretchy, they double as bracelets. Wear one in front of your updo to keep wispy hairs in place or go Flapper and wear it across your forehead for sophistication.

Eye-Catching Disarray

Even a disheveled low ponytail looks elegant with a small clip of brilliant jewels. Or pin your hair with a shimmering barrette and then release a few strands from constraint to soften the look.

Extra Points

Stay away from bridal looks that are too fussy. The new hair ornaments have a how-did-that-get-there approach. Less precious is the mood.

Karol Richardson, Newport, carries sparkling auroral-like headbands with a Greek-feel by designer Deepa Gurnani. Their  line by Medusa is coveted for the Swarovski crystals embedded into each piece creating maximum luminosity. You will find a terrific assortment of barrettes, clips, and hair claws, all embellished with faceted gems. 

The ethereal loveliness of a sparkly little hair accessory may not turn you into a princess this holiday season but you may just feel like one!