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5 Retailers On Top Trends In Wedding Jewelry-one

Modern nuptials run the gamut from a rustic, outdoor woodland wedding to a colorful celebration in an exotic destination. Accordingly, engagement and wedding jewelry is becoming at once more varied and more personal. 

Retailers say clients today want their purchases to be tailored precisely to their tastes and reflect their own personal aesthetic. This means that the bridal category is bucking tradition and letting its hair down. 

New shapes, colors, and stones are giving the classic white gold, round-cut diamond solitaire engagement ring a run for its money. Designs and settings are more varied than ever, and even men’s jewelry is getting in on the trend. 

“Everyone is looking for something superpersonal,” says Jennifer Gandia, co-owner of Greenwich St. Jewelers in New York City. “The amount of customization we do today is off the charts.”

Because so many consumers want unique jewels, retailers are learning that run-of-the-mill advertising no longer fits the bill. Instead, savvy jewelers are harnessing the power of social media to create marketing messages as precisely crafted as the jewelry itself. And since millennials’ budgets don’t always measure up to their aspirations, stores are finding ways to communicate that make them feel valued, encouraging lasting relationships.