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Wearing a necklace of notes

1, pay attention to the style the right way, dimensional accuracy.

Necklace size depending on the person, and thick neck, sizes bigger, while smaller. High collar, necklace size should not be too long, or widgets should not be showing wear a neck, wearing only a necklace, unworthy pendant wears three lapel and Turtleneck Sweater, hair-shirt, necklace to be worn on the outside, pendants should have a chestnut Burr, so as not to rub.

2, consider decorative effects, costumes fit.

If you want to wear on a necklace, pendants, necklaces should not be too long and too thick. If you only consider the beautiful necklace, also note necklace style and fashion with the single series, some with multiple series.

3, to pay attention to the different material matching results.

Different material and different clothing style phase match Shi will produced different of effect, if wearing red suit dress, distribution Shang a root gold necklace, is warm, for attended festive Banquet, occasions; if wear blue polyester Georgette dress, distribution Shang a root silver necklace, will is gentle cheerful, charming scene; sometimes in tight of movement qunfu Shang, distribution Shang a root gold necklace, also will makes you more light lively; if wear Shang a pieces light green and white small spent-and-of polyester Georgette dress, distribution Shang a root silver Pearl necklace, Will make you full bright cool atmosphere; if dressed in a clean white with red beads, will look more pretty and charming.