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Yiwu Bayuan Jewelry Manufactory

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The main varieties of necklaces

No treasure chain

No treasure chain is made of pure precious metal necklace, characterized by a whole chain is only connected by a tread pattern repeat.

Main styles: the whip chain, single sets of chains, double chains, s-shaped chain chains, rope chains, cowboy, Fang Si chain and so on.

Fancy chains

Fancy chain is made up of two or more different styles of chains or mosaic Flower necklace, inlaid with precious stones.

Main styles: studded chains, inlaid Bao, egg-shaped lace chains, Fu-chain, tube chain, beaded chain, chain, such as child and mother.


As part of a necklace, silver, jewellery and precious stones, ivory, jade, Emerald match different materials, such as Centennial Hazor, heart Photo Pendant and abstract geometry.

Main style: v bits, Centennial photo collection, abstract Geometry pendants, and more.