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PIN match rules

Necklace brooch

Such as matching pearl necklaces, round or oval brooch buckle over the necklace, as part of a decorative, rather than worn on the chest.

Left chest brooch

Royal brooch worn alone, generally worn on the left breast, because the left is its location in the heart, and rarely worn on the right breast.

Solid color principle

In order to highlight the beauty of PIN, brooch to wear on formal occasions on the solid color fabric, it rarely paired with patterned clothing.

Men's brooches

The Royal family also has strict rules for men wearing brooches: officially, the brooch coat of arms of the class must be placed under the tuxedo collar or Pocket on ordinary occasions, wearing clothes led brooch to wear on the left; wearing the clothes do not lead, is worn on the right haircut left when worn on the right side, otherwise, worn on the left side.

Paired with Ribbon

On great occasions, members of the Royal family are to be granted by the monarch wearing the host country's Medal of honor to respect, and the medal matches with different colored ribbons. Royal women tend to be at the top sash brooch near the shoulder is fixed, and its coat of arms to the right chest or waist.

Corsage brooch

General shape of the brooch is just one of the Royal family, and the official "corsage brooch" usually cow's head-shaped, up to 40 cm long, made up of three parts, in the Special Center of the BRA must be worn.

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