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Natural Crystal Necklace and maintenance methods

Crystal Necklace with a clean soft cloth after wearing jewelry, can it maintain its shininess! print fingerprint or smudge on the Crystal, with a soft, fluff-free cloth for Crystal dust, dust to light, from the dust on the surface of cut crystal.

Do not wash Crystal Necklace, to avoid an indelible watermarks. Avoiding Crystal Necklace under prolonged exposure to moist air or Sun, to keep the crystals from growing pale hoarse and fading.

Please avoid contact Crystal Necklace contains a chemical composition of detergent and other items, in the bath, wash, wash, wash bowls and swimming do not wear Crystal jewelry case.

Remember to spray perfumes and hair products and Crystal Necklace to wear again, moisture and chemicals will be adhered on the surface of the Crystal, the Crystal become dull.

Brittle Crystal, Crystal Necklace Please handle with care not to stress, away from high temperatures. When you are not wearing Crystal jewelry for a long time, please save it in a separate box or soft cloth, do not overlap jewelry is placed in order to avoid colliding scratch surface of the Crystal.