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Considerations for necklace

Takes too long to some people wear a necklace or a necklace of poor quality, wear a necklace with nuchal glands, with worn out friction, it is easy to make the skin to produce allergic reactions, appear red in red, blood blisters, rashes and even inflammation does not recover for a long time. This is because the gold necklace containing heavy metals, which can cause contact dermatitis, particularly when sweating in hot weather, a metal components can dissolve in sweat in a necklace, increases the chance of metal in contact with the skin, and can penetrate the skin and cause irritation.

Therefore, the processing fine wearing the necklace must be chosen in order to reduce the chance of skin friction injury and wear them should not be too long, night-time sleep necklace, so you can reduce the chance of 50% of skin contact with the necklace. In addition, work, shower, also off the necklace.