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Bracelet size purchase

Wrist is more delicate parts in the body, with the hand movements, it is easy to guide other people's line of sight and attention and affect people's impression of you, the length of the bracelet is approximately 20-25 cm, also should have a good size when worn. It's too tight, it can affect the appearance and comfortable; it's too loose, it will slide into the hand. Therefore, the length of the bracelet to wear on the wrist after, leaving a gap between the chain and wrist as well.

1, slender wrists, bones is not obvious

Perfect wrist, suitable for wearing any chain, modeling chain or chains of theme.

2, slender wrists, bones apparent

Suitable for wearing two chains, wrist sweeter.

3, rich, your wrist bones is not obvious

Slightly wider shape of chain or chains of theme styles, bright and generous.

Rich, 4, wrist bones apparent

Personalized shape of chain or chains of theme, go to deflect attention from the wrist to the bracelet.